Skip to the 11:29 mark to start the meeting, and to the 20 min mark to skip the intros.

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This was our first live broadcast of WordPress Wednesday, and things will get more efficient and on point as we move forward with this show concept. Thanks for all who showed up and participated in the live audience.

We will start the conversation with a compelling story about how WordPress has helped me reinvent my career, and then open the discussion up to the audience in order to get stories and feedback from others about how WordPress has had an impact on their lives.

The event is scheduled for an hour, but may run longer if the conversation gets good.

About this live event:

We are starting to live stream our monthly WordPress Meet Ups, so that more people can get some value out of what we are doing here locally. This is a trial run, so our format may change moving forward, but for now, this should give us enough to get started.