Ready for your next WordPress challenge? Learn how to build more complex custom themes using the _s (aka Underscores) starter theme. Morten Rand-Hendriksen takes you from basic layout and customization to enabling advanced responsive design and accessibility features. He reinforces the basics lessons with DRY (don’t repeat yourself) development practices and a structured approach that will help you build WordPress themes that meet modern standards. Plus, he explores core concepts like understanding the WordPress template hierarchy and mobile-first design, creating functions, adding custom JavaScript, applying styles, and more. Plus, for 2016, we’re including an all-new chapter on the Customizer, which provides controls that allow users of your theme to adjust the colors and layout.
Topics include:
Installing WordPress, Underscores, plugins, and NetBeans
Creating a modular, mobile-first WordPress theme
Setting up the basic theme
Building a custom header
Designing responsive, accessible menus
Configuring the Single Post Template plugin
Generating featured images
Styling the comments area, search results, and widget areas
Working with static pages
Adding features to the Customizer
Customizing the backend