One Page Scrolling Websites in Adobe Muse. No Coding Skills Required.

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One page scrolling websites have been popular for some time now. They allow you to scroll to different sections of the website when clicking on the menu and the user can receive all the information on one page rather than having to navigate to different pages. We have seen them quite a bit with Bootstrap templates and even a few WordPress templates. Adobe Muse is well known for its ability to create a one page scrolling website within minutes.

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The reason one page websites are so popular is because they are simple to navigate and scrolling to each section of the website can be quite fun. Another name for a one page scrolling website could be an “Anchor Point Scrolling” website. It could be called this because when you are building a one page website you are assigning anchor points to different sections on the website and then assigning menu items to those anchor points. This is what causes the website to scroll to those different sections.

One of my first videos was about creating a one page scrolling website in Adobe Muse. As I started developing more widgets for Adobe Muse I thought it would be interesting to take the one page scrolling concept a bit further. I created a widget called “Anchor Point Scrolling” that allows you to control the speed and easing of the one page scrolling website. This allows you to give your website a unique feel as users are scrolling to the different sections.

Muse For You - Anchor Point Scrolling Widget - Adobe Muse CC

In the video above I go over how to use the “Anchor Point Scrolling” widget and where to access it.

The “Anchor Point Scrolling” widget can be found at

Happy Musing :).

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