Hi Friends, Learn 3 methods of on How to Install WordPress plugins. Also learn how to deactivate, delete and update plugins.
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Cpanel Used is from bluehost check out review http://www.yeahilike.com/web-hosting-review-and-tutorial/

WordPress is licensed under: https://www.gnu.org/licenses/old-licenses/gpl-2.0.en.html

These 3 methods are discussed and the plugins which are installed.

Method 1
1) Install Plugins from Your own wordpress plugin directory
(list all Urls, Quick XML Sitemap)

Method 2
2) Install Plugins by Uploading to Your WordPress site (need to download plugin from wordpress.org
(Disable Comments and Video Thumbnails)

Method 3
3) Upload to Your cpanel and activating via WordPress
(Simple Social Share)

4) Also learn how to deactivate and delete plugin
5) Updating plugin is also covered

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