How to create a WordPress Video blog for your YouTube and Vimeo Channel

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WordPress video Blog
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This WordPress Video Tutorial is a step by step process in creating a video blog using WordPress.
If you want to create a simple blog where you can embed your YOUTUBE and VIMEO videos. Then you should watch this full course . The free and discount links by the course Author are here on Bizanosa (the author’s website) .
In this step by step Tutorial you will learn how to build your video blog website .

If you don’t have hosting or a domain yet. This video tutorial will show you step by step how to acquire a domain and Web Host. And how to use them. And how to install WordPress . And How to use WordPress. And how to design the blog pages. And how to improve your Blog’s SEO . And how to Secure your WordPress website. And so much.

If you do not have web Hosting and Domain, that is all the money you will need to spend to get your video blog online. At the end of this course you will have a good grasp of various things relating to WordPress.
WordPress is awesome . And you can build whatever you want with it. Start with this video blog. A place where you can embed your videos from YouTube and Vimeo.

In future I will create other features for my video blog. And I will record the full process as I create a way for selling digital products in WordPress . There are various things that I want to add to the blog and I will add them one step at a time.
For instance I will add a digital platform where I can sell digital stuff on WordPress. I may also decide to add a Learning management sstem for WordPress . And as I do that, I will record them into WordPress Tutorials
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