Make A WordPress Blog – learn the essentials to go from a beginner to a confident wordpress blogger with this course!

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Hey everyone!
In this make a wordpress blog course we’ll be going over many different steps to create a simple, but powerful wordpress blog. This course is designed to take absolute beginners from havin no knowledge of how to make a website to being able to create and manipulate their content easily within wordpress.

The course can be completed in just one day, and I did this because I did not want to overwhelm you with a lengthy course that would ware you out. It’s structured in a step by step process in which each lecture builds on top of each other.

By the end of this course students should be able to feel much more comfortable within the wordpress dashboard, and understand how to make just about any theme they dive into come to life by using some of the tips and tricks we learn along the way.

What have I learned from this course?
– Over 27 lectures and 2.5 hours of content!
– start their own wordpress blog with confidence
– feel completely comfortable within the wordpress dashboard
– install helpful blogging plugins and configure them
– know some basic SEO and social sharing tactics within wordpress

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